HOMELESS MAN : It's about humanity

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Hello!! I miss you guys...  I miss everything about blogging. You don't know how pain it is for me when I had to stop writing for a while. ( because of school)

Yesterday, I attend a wedding ceremony and unusual thing happened. I thought that this might be suitable for my new entry since I got good value from it.

The story began when I was standing outside of the hall. ( the ceremony held at hall) I was playing with my phone [ it's because I'm soo bored. Actually, I prefer books rather than phone] Suddenly I saw a chaos at the front gate. There were 2-3 RELA and one man from the bride's side. There's another man and I think that he's the one who started the chaos. He looked homeless. Skinny. 

I saw that the 'homeless man' had a full plate of food. That time I'm sure that he's starving. Those RELA and the man from bride's side urge him to put the food back! I saw that the homeless man tried to ask for their sympathy but it doesn't work. He then walked to a table and put the food back in disappointment. 

I'm wondering what does he do now? Is he already eat? Is it wrong to give food for someone who really in need?

I don't know why they don't want to help the homeless man and I'm sure they have their own reasons... but if I'm in that homeless man condition, I would be so mad and think that Islam is a bad religion. 

We as a human must help people who in need. Not because we want to look good in others eye but it's about humanity. What would you feel if you're the homeless man? Surely you would do the same. You know that there's a lot of food at a wedding ceremony and it's free. Because you're too hungry and you know that you might die if you not eat, surely you would hoping that you can eat at the wedding ceremony. But then, you have to leave the place since they don't have any sympathy in their hearts.

So, please. Whenever you see someone who is in trouble, help them. We won't know what trouble we have to faced in the future and it required people helps. So, please don't be too arrogant. We are all the same. Human. What's so disgusting about people who're homeless? People, who work as a garbage collector? People, who work as a janitor? Without them, we would live in a world full of stink garbage. 

Appreciate them. Love them. Help them when they are in need. Spread the goodness and the world would be a better place for the humankind.

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  1. That is so depressing. I do hope people start to understand that homeless people need helps and support to get back on their life!

    1. I know right! What makes it worse was at the end of the kenduri there were a lot of foods left. It's better to give that homeless man rather than throw it away T^T