Assalamualaikum. Recently, my Mid-Year Examination just ended. Ahamdulillah! It’s such a tiring week! Every day, I would sleep as late as 1 to 1:30 p.m. just to revise everything that I had learned. For my new entry, I don’t know what interesting story that I can share with you guys? Just want you to know that for last 3 weeks, we faced Mid-Year Examination. Again, 3 WEEKS! Yes, I slept late for 3 weeks including the weekend. Frankly, since I studying here in KISAS, I became more diligent and hardworking. This is because I knew that I’m not as brilliant as other students. Just who am I? I got to study in KISAS is all because of Allah. I’m not worthy to be here.

Since I need to compete with 300+ students, I need to work harder than before. Even I can feel the differences. Before this, I never stay up till late night. The least that I can bear is 12:30 p.m. But now, I can bare till 2 a.m. My record is 2:30 a.m. and I don’t think I would break that record for now.

This is the main point of this entry actually. My eye bag became worse. Before this, I did had eye bag. But it only can be seen clearly if I smile. But now, even if I didn’t smile, people can see it. Can you imagine how bad it is? Erghhhh.. Plus, Eid Celebration would be coming soon and I don’t want eye bag celebrating Hari Raya with me!

Any tips to reduce eyebag??

To all my readers who are facing examination week, don’t give up and make sure that you study! Don’t be lazy! Your hard work would be paid off. SERIOUSLY. The most important thing is, pray to Allah to help you during examination week. Without him, you won’t succeed because He is the only one that can give you the success.

Allah said:
Wakola rabbukum udu’uni astajib lakum.

Don’t lose hope towards Allah. Everything that he gave you, you must redha because everything happens in reasons. Maybe you didn’t see the hikmah’s now, but believe me that there is. I had faced it countless time. 


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  2. Haha! Better yet undergo scarless eye bag removal in Singapore. After all those hardwork you deserve it!