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    Good news for everyone! I just created an Instagram account exclusively for this blog yesterday. Since everyone needs to send me an email every time they want to ask or talk something to me, I think that by creating this account would make me and my followers easy to communicate. Because I'm not always checking on my emails. Sometimes it took me a few days before I realise that someone sends me an email. I feel bad about it. 

    Another reason why I created this account is that I'm participating in a video competition. One of the requirement is my Instagram account must be public. Since I don't want to unprivate my personal account, I'll just post my video in my blog account instead. I just posted it this evening. You guys can watch it on Instagram too.

    Do follow me on Instagram if you wanna get an update every time I post something new in this blog and also some updates about my life that I can't make it to write it here. I guess that's all for today. Thank you! 

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