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Before I talk about the main point, I would like to apologize because I broke my promise. I don't mean to do that. Last 2 weeks, I was so busy doing slide for my upcoming presentation. I took 2 days to done it. Not only that, I also had to return to my hometown at Johor to visit my ill grandfather. So, I don't have any free time to post that 'HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT' entry. I'm terribly sorry. I'll try my best to post it for the next entry. inshaallah.

CAUTION ! This entry might be tiring to read for those who don't really want to read.

Alright! The main point I want to share with you guys is I'm going to KISAS! (Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah) Yes, I moved from SAMHUL. 

Frankly, I never dream to be a kisassians. I always felt that I was not worthy to be there. REALLY. I'm not a clever person. I always got C in examination. Never get 4 A! [ I once got 4A in Trial, but before that, NEVER!] I'm not those top 3 in form?! I'm not worthy. I always think that I would ended up in SAMTEN like forever [ which is until form 5 ]

After I got my results, I determined to stay at SAMTEN. with my own will. At that time, I really don't know where to moved. Well actually, I don't feel like one. I already love my school. I love my hostel 'kampung style' . LOL. I can't believe I said that. hehh.. 

I want to learn accountancy. However, with my excellent results, it might be hard for me to be in accountancy class. [ That's what I thought before] In SAMTEN, accountancy class is the most pack class in school. There's two classes. One class have Addmath lesson while the other one not. Every students would want to be in the class that have Addmath. So do I! Can you imagine 52 -54 students in one classroom?! That's how we learn!

I've  made a backup plan if I can't get Accountancy class at SAMTEN, which is KISAS. You guys must be curious, why I chose KISAS? The reason is simple. I want to stay in islamic school.

I had think about 'what if I moved to KISAS' thingie like many times. Sometimes, I thought I want to stay at SAMTEN. Sometimes, I want to moved there. It's really tiring thinking about possibilities! Now I hate something that required me to choose! arghh.. I hate it! SAMTEN have their own abilities, They have SMA which is an examination that allow students to take STAM. Besides, by using the SMA certificate, students can be a religious teacher after SPM! I thought that if my SPM results is not excellent enough, I would have SMA certificate. I'll take STAM, go to Jordan then be a religious teacher. I don't really think about the salary. As long as I can help the ummah.

That moment when I knew that I'm offered to an interview, I really don't know haw to react! Sad? Happy? Nervous? What can I say is I really don't have any emotions at that time.

I might post a new entry about my interview. [ If you guys want ] I don't want to talk about it right now because it would makes this entry looks really annoying to read. * I'm the type of girl that doesn't like to read a long entry, so I won't do that to you guys. *

To make it short, I'm succeed. This 6th February, I'll be an officially kisassians. Wish me luck because I'm really in a less self-esteem condition. They're genius and I'm not!!! *getting panic*

sorry for my bad grammar. Sincerely, me.

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  1. im sure this entry would take about an hour at least to make it done. Big clap to your grammar even i dn know how good it was hahah. dan, jangan lupa kamiii T.T