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Hello, my fellow readers! * I'm pretending that I have many readers right know. A sad reality for me. sobsobsob.. 😢

From now on, I might write my blog in English because I would like to improve my writing in English. My grammar is bad too. So, if you see any grammar mistakes that I've made just ignore it or it would be better if you point it out to me. 

credit : my uncle, Mr. Google
I just want to say Happy New Year, actually. I hope you guys would have a happier life ahead and all your goals for this year or, last year or, another past year would be a reality. Not just a goal anymore. Especially your LOSE WEIGHT goal! 

Maybe for my next entry, I would share with you guys about Tips to Lose Weight. *It would be 2 weeks from now! I need to go back to my prison a.k.a hostel. sobsobsob

This is some of my goals for 2017.
  • Make a lot of memory with HANANIQA before moving to a new school. *IF I moved
  • Not sleep in class
  • Get done my homework before the time specified. 
  • Sulat Dhuha everyday
  • Top 10 in class
  • Read Quran everyday
  • Update my blog everytime I come back home
  • Giveaway 1.0
There's a lot more but I think it will be my own secret. Teheee! So, what is your goals for this year? 

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  1. your english is better than mine. hehehe btw may all your wishes come true :D

    1. thank you ^^ Nas x reti mana pun lah.. ini pun guna bantuan sikit2. XD

  2. Happy new year!
    and blogging in english is one of the best way to improve

    1. thank you! I hope I will be like you.. pandai english, dapat pergi Jepun pula tu.. HUHHUHU

  3. happy new year !!

    jom join cabaran 31 hari ni! ada special gift buat yg bertuah tau! join sambil bersantai update entry :) http://www.wawaashiharaa.com/2017/01/31-days-challenge-by-jdt-blogger.html

    1. thanks for your invitation~ Klu ade mase Nas join. hehe

  4. you cannot moved fullstop huhu

    1. kite tgk rezeki allah nak bagi kat mane.. ye? huhuhu