When I first step in SASIC ( Sultan Alam Shah Islamic School )


Before you continue reading, I'm very sorry if I make soo many grammatical errors or you just simply don't understand what I'm trying to say. It has been a long time since I'm writing in English. So, I hope you understand and feel free to give some comment or advice to improve my writing skills at the comment box below.

I used to live in a hostel before. So, I don't have any problems at first when I'm in a boarding school. I'm not 'homesick' just like my other friends. Frankly, whenever I saw their condition, my memories when I was in form 1 popped out in my mind. I'm so stressed at that time. I mean like, just imagine. Your seniors suddenly scolded you about something so ridiculous and you were not the one that did it?! Merepeklah diaorang..

Not just that. You need to struggle to do a ridiculous tradition and got scolded just because you can't accomplish the tradition! Alright, the tradition is every junior need to get every senior sign in a provided time. They gave us like 2 weeks? I don't remember it. But it's not an easy task. Seriously. Imagine that you're still new in that school. You need to cope with your surroundings, your new friends, your life in the hostel. I mean like seriously, you're just like in a new world. And then you're pressured with all this cruel tradition. Why I said cruel? Because in order for you to get the sign, you need to do what the senior asked you to do. That's the deal. You can't get the sign if you don't do just like what the senior ordered.

I remember crying every night for 1 week and hates everyone. Oh my god. hahahaha..


The first and the second week were the most hectic days in SASIC. The first week really killing me. SERIOUSLYYYYYY. In the morning, we had to hear talk from teachers about discipline, hostel, PERKISAS and much more that makes me feel sleepy.. and bored. Sometimes we had group activities. ( I don't like it) In the evening, we had 'riadhah' which is compulsory. I don't like it at first, but I love it in the end. Since it's THE END. hahaha.. teruknya aku. But deep down inside of me, I knew that akak-akak *senior yg uruskan program* work really hard just to make us happy for the first and second weeks in SASIC. They just hope that we won't feel like we want to move back to our previous school. [ Thanks, akak for that. ] So, at night we had liqa'. It's something like a meeting between form 4 and akak-akak which usually ended at 12 o'clock. Or more than that. I don't know if it's a tradition or what but I think I can say that it's a tradition since until now we have this kind of meeting. ( It just ended in September if I'm not mistaken) So, I can say that we were really tired for the first and second weeks in SASIC. 


I knew that I would meet new friends from all over the state. I don't know why I have the confidence saying that I would understand every slang. That confidence ended up buried me in-the-??? Ok whateverlahh.. 

I don't understand what they're saying?!! Especially those from Pantai Timur. Rasa cam duduk negara orang lain tahu tak. I try to learn their slang and understand it. Sometimes I tried to talk using their slang. But you know, it turned out to be like Orang Siam cakap Kelantan. ?? Slang that I love the most is Utara~ Aku suka dengaq orang utara cakap. Tak tau kenapa tapi sedap gila..


The last day of orientation, there was a performance from gemawan. Since that, I have a new goal. I want to be a gemawan too. I'm in love with the sounds of gamelan. But actually, I already knew that SASIC has gamelan. I knew it on the registration day. And now? 

I'm officially one of  the gemawan members

That's all for this time. I guess? Oh yeah. Frankly, this entry has been in draft for so long. So, I just edit it a little bit. Terimalah seadanya. Maaf andai ada yang terguris hati di sepanjang pembacaan anda. Jangan lupa untuk tembak doa untuk penulis awok ni haa. Dia tengah PAT. ^^