I always thought that I'm not beautiful enough. I'm fat. My body covered with a thick ugly fat! Not just that, it wiggles liked jello! *jelly My eyes only can see the ugly of it. Nothing is beautiful if you have big flabby arm, big legs, back that looks like a caterpillar, double chin, bloated belly like a balloon that will explode anytime! I know you're with me.*smirk

Do you have friends that eat more than you but they're not getting fat? I have and I'm really jealous! Why they can eat anything they want, but they're not getting fat?! While me? I'm still stuck in this fat body even tho I already cut my calorie intakes. I had exercise tons of times, but I can't see any different!  Why it's so unfair? Why can't everyone have an ideal body? SKINNY. 

I had thought about this many times, and I think I know the answers. 



It doesn't matter! Despite how fat you're, how skinny you're, you're still a HUMAN. Nothing can change that. It's human that make us think that way. 'auww... I'm not pretty liked her. People won't likes me. I'd ended up not getting married and dead as an ugly person. No one will care about me. EVERYONE HATES MEEEE!!' *you're crying

What's the real matter is your heart. 💝 If you have a good heart, a good attitude, no matter what size you're, people will love you just the way you're. Being fat is not a bad thing. Fat people, skinny people. It's an art! You don't have to be the same like others. Being different is not a bad thing. And one more thing, not everyone like skinny people. It's true that most of people like skinny people. But, there are some of them that like curvy people. Don't you want to be one of them? That SPECIAL to 'some of them'? 

It's true! I have a friend that like curvy people * I mean not skinny. I don't want to say fat. It makes me look bad* because he likes the cuteness of her cheeks. Does skinny people have that 'cute, soft, squishy cheeks' liked people that not skinny? I don't think so!

I'm saying this not to make you stop losing weight. Lose weight is good. Really good and I recommend you to do it because you would be healthier. It's the same for those who want to gain weight because you're underweight. Changes are not bad. Try to be healthier is great! It just you don't have to judge your body. It's YOU. Accept the fact. It's you but you'll change YOU to a BETTER YOU! *get it?

remember, your goal is to be healthy. Not lose weight only. You're losing weight but you're sick. Is it a life? *example: anorexic. sorry to say. Eat clean, workout. Be patient if you're not seeing any progress during your journey. It takes time. Good thing always take time. It's not going to be easy. It's hard. But we're tougher! We need dedications and believe in ourselves! Be strong! Never give up! 

Dedicated to myself and all of us..  

Before I end my entry, I would like to tell you guys that this 6th February I'll face a new world. A much better world that might change me into a better muslimah than I'm now. I hope it would be a reality. I always dream to be a great muslimah that can help the ummah. 'SICK UMMAH'. I hope this new life will change me so that I can help people. However, I'm scared to face a new thing. Pray for me please *watery eyes  

again, sorry for my bad English. [ I  think I will said this in every entry. HAHA.]

Oh! the title is inspiration;motivation because I don't know the difference between both of it. HAHA.. however, it can be an inspiration for some people and motivation for other some. *bende aku merepek ni? K, bye. tak nak merepek dahh HAHAHA