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Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. I am now officially an IIUM student.

For this entry, I would like to share with you guys what I had experienced during the tawe (taaruf week). So, our university held the tawe for one week.

I registered myself on 15 June 2019. Based on the schedule that I had received, the registration would start at 8:30 a.m. I arrived at IIUM Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) 20 minutes earlier. But guess what? The registration venue already packed by human! Maybe because of that, my room is at the third floor. HUHUHU

CFS IIUM here in Gambang, Pahang, is a new campus replacing the Petaling Jaya campus in Selangor. So, my batch is the first batch studying here in this Gambang campus. New campus, new facilities. But of course, it’s not fully completed yet. For example, we still don’t have a laundry room, tv room, vending machine, lots of ATM Machine (at the moment, we only have one ATM machine here in Administration Building) and etc. The registration day was quite hectic for me because we’re not allowed to park our car near the Mahallah (asrama). I know the reason why, so I’m okay with it. Luckily my mahallah is not that far. So here I’ll share with you guys how our Mahallah looked like.

sisters room

sisters room

al-biruni room

al-biruni room

The first night at CFS IIUM, we had EPT (English Placement Test) and APT (Arabic Placement Test) briefing session. For your information, every student that had been accepted to further their studies in IIUM, they need to take two exams which is EPT and APT. I am not planning to talk more about these exams. So sorry. For the second day, I don’t have any program so, I just stayed in my room and study for APT and EPT that would be held the day after. 

For me, both exams were very challenging. For EPT, it had been a long time since the last time I write in English, I use my English. So, it quite difficult for me to write and remember some of the English words. For APT, of course. Very hard. For essays section, I don’t even do it! HAHA I don’t even understand what the questions wanted. So yeah. So much redha at that time. I just want to give you guys some advice regarding EPT and APT exams. Do study and practice to write essays! If you are exempted from these exams, you don’t have to take language classes. Which is, your timetable won’t be so packed, less time for classes, more time to study by your own and rest. But if you’re not exempted, don’t be sad because it will enhance your language skills. Do take it positively!

After EPT and APT exams, we had rehearsal for the baiah ceremony and at night we had CCSU briefing. Starting from that day, we only had briefing sessions at morning until night. The closing ceremony for the Tawe was the baiah ceremony. After that, I am officially an IIUM student. 

That’s all about my orientation life. The only thing that made me tired and frustrated was when I wanted to buy foods and about the committee. Err, hehe.. I need to que a very very very long line to buy food and we only have 1 hour to take bath, to eat, to buy food. It’s CRAZY. I only had one proper meal a day during Tawe. About the committee, they don’t look like a one team. Someone said A, then another committee said B. So??? I really hope that next committee for tawe would be better than this year to manage this tawe program.

So, itu jelah aku nak story. 

Aku mintak maaf kalau ada yang tak faham aku membebel apa tapi aku cuma sedang membiasakan diri untuk tulis dalam English sebab dekat UIA ni everything in English and Arabic. So, yeah. I'm so sorry. Even aku pon rasa awkward gila bila menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

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