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Assalamualaikum! This entry has been in the draft for so long. Sorry to Miss Asyikin because I took a long time to post this entry. Awww, so sorry!! 😢 Btw, thank you so much for tagging me for this activity. I thought that nobody realizes the existence of my blog! sobs sobs... Anyway, Let's jump to the questions~~ 

1. What are your goals in life?  
For this question, I think it would be better if I divide it into two categories so that we can see it more clearly. 

FYI, I'm 16 years old. So, for my short term goal, clearly, it is to get 11A+ in SPM 2018. In every examination, I would set a goal to be in the top 20 students. Alhamdulillah for March test, I got number 3 in form. I don't believe it either! Even till now, I still think that I'm not intelligent enough compare to the other students. 

I already dreaming of opening a Cafe or a Bakery. I would like to be a businesswoman and a CEO in my own company. I think that it would be so challenging but with Allah's help and dedication, I know that I can get through all those problems in future. 

Another dream is, I would like to publish a book that could give benefits to the person that read it. I want to publish a book before I'm 25 years old. I don't know if this could be a reality but I really hope that it will!  

2. The best place that you had visited?
I'm not from a luxury family. So, traveling is just a dream. ( But I love traveling!) And it has been a long time since the last time I go somewhere that I fall in love too. But a few days ago, I went to Taman Negara Tanjung Piai in Johor and I'm really falling in love with the beautiful scenery there! The fee is affordable too. For those who wanted to take photos that have beautiful scenery, Taman Negara Tanjung Piai is the best place for you!! Seriously!

one of the place there
I have many pictures there, but there's some obstacle in uploading it. So sorry. But I guess you can imagine how beauty it is isn't it? 

3. Tell me about your hobbies!
I love reading novels, comics, writing, listen to music, dancing and studying. OH, MY GOD! Is it true I love studying? Well, mostly yes. But if my laziness comes, I hate studying. 

4. Your favorite movie?

5. At what time you usually go to sleep at night?

6. What is the happiest thing that happened in your life?
I got 11A in PT3. Alhamdulillah.. But the real happiness is to have my family by my side. 

7. What genre of music do you like?
According to my mood normally?

8. Try to imagine, your money in your hand is one million. What will you do with that money?
Open my own shop and earn more money!! HAHAHA.. Then I would go to Makkah with my family to perform Haji and Umrah together. Maybe, donate some of my money to the charities? Build schools or universities? Mosques are good too. Oh yeah. TRAVELING. I want to travel around the world with my family!! 

9. Your ambition when you was a kid?
Be a doctor. Lol! Clearly, I just follow my sister's ambition. Since she was a kid she wanted to be a doctor. But now, I don't think she would be a doctor because she takes a Biotechnology course. And me? HAHA. Seriously I won't be a doctor because I take Accountancy course. And I love what I learn today. I didn't regret on what I had chosen for my life.


 10. the memories that make you remember until today?
Urmmmm.. not sure. I have many memories. Bad memories, sad memories, happy memories. Ok, I think I will tell you guys about my friends.

Back when I was a secondary student, I always had fights with my best friends. Whenever we had a fight, we would give letters to each other. It's heartbreaking when I remember about it. Both sides EGO to said sorry. I only saw that they were wrong and I'm correct. But, when I grow up, I realized that in every fight, there must be a misunderstanding between both sides. And both sides are wrong. When we have a fight, we must look back what we had done to them that makes them upset. YES. We're upset too because of what they had done to us! But, there must be a reason why they also mad to us. THINK ABOUT  IT GUYS.

11. Who is your Idol?
 Prophet Muhammad S.A.W 💖

I would like to be a better muslimah. I know it's hard. But I would try my best to achieve it. 

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